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“Voldemort v. Vader”: Video Essay Compares Two Antagonists (Video)

by Joseph
Voldemort v. Vader

Voldemort v. Vader

Villains … Ya gotta hand it to ’em. ScreenPrism recently handed it to two of the most iconic villains of the last few decades: Luke Skywalker’s archnemesis Darth Vader and Harry Potter’s own Voldemort, comparing and contrasting the two for a “Harry Potter and Star Wars matchup” entitled “Voldemort v. Vader.”

Joseph Campbell enthusiasts probably won’t be surprised to learn that both Voldemort and Darth Vader have more in common than they have in distinguishing characteristics. As for the title, it does not appear that “Voldemort v. Vader” has anything to do with any legal dispute between the two, but I suppose we all should have gotten used to that back during the Dawn of Justice.

In any event, you can take a look at ScreenPrism’s “Voldemort v. Vader – Harry Potter and Star Wars Matchup” for yourself below. And for more where that came from, check out the ScreenPrism YouTube channel right here.

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