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VivaLnk Digital Tattoo Phone Unlocking (Video)

by Joseph
VivaLnk Digital Tattoo

VivaLnk Digital Tattoo

Conspiracy theorists and Christian rapture freaks love to speculate that before the End of Times, everyone on the planet will be required to wear identification chips under their skin for easy tracking and control by the government. Those people will probably not be too pleased about the new Digital Tattoo from VivaLnk, a small, thin, adhesive disc you wear on your wrist that can unlock your smartphone wirelessly.

The VivaLnk Digital Tattoo, it should be said, is temporary, and actually needs to be replaced every five days or so. And it currently only works with a Motorola Moto X, but more smartphones are expected to be added soon.

You can see how the VivaLnk Digital Tattoo works in the video below, and if you’re a Moto X user you can go ahead and get yourself a $10 pack of ten Digital Tattoos from VivaLnk’s website here.

Here’s the video:

(via Hypebeast)

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