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‘Vital Signs’: Apple’s First Original Series to Star Dr. Dre

by Joseph
Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and many others have demonstrated that any tech company can make an original television series if they just have enough resources to make it happen. So it was only a matter of time before Apple got in on the action, which they now plan to do with Vital Signs starring Dr. Dre.

Vital Signs will feature a premium-cable-like blend of sex and violence, with an “extended orgy scene” having already been filmed for the series — or at least that’s what the producers are claiming that orgy was for. The series will be “semi-autobiographical” with regards to Dre’s character, and each episode in the six-episode season will focus on a different emotion experienced by him.

According to the report on the show in The Hollywood Reporter, Vital Signs “likely will be distributed via Apple Music,” but a deal with an outside streaming service or even a traditional television distributor might have a hand in the show’s eventual release to the people. For now, you can get some more information in THR‘s story on the show right here.

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