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Virgin Hotels Launches Inaugural “Brilliant” Campaign (Video)

by Joseph
Virgin Hotels Brilliant Campaign

Virgin Hotels Brilliant Campaign

The Virgin brand is branching out to the hotel industry, and the company’s new ad campaign for the Virgin Hotels line has been unveiled. It’s called “Brilliant,” and the campaign’s first two-minute spot focuses on the difference between old “unbrilliant” hotels and the new “brilliant” Virgin Hotels, which take a typically innovative approach to the hospitality industry.

The commercial is pretty cool too, and anyone who’s ever stayed in a hotel will definitely recognize some of the problems that Virgin Hotels claims to have solved. As for the first Virgin Hotel, it’s opening in Chicago in January of 2015, so if the ad gets you pumped, you’ll be able to take a trip to Chicago and stay in a Virgin Hotels room before too long.

You can watch the Virgin Hotels “Brilliant” commercial below. And for more information, as well as to book a room, head over to the brand’s website here.

Here’s the pretty brilliant commercial:

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