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Virgin Australia Demonstrates Plane Painting Process (Video)

by Joseph
Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia

Airline Virgin Australia has given its fleet of planes a makeover. While most passengers of the airline are probably more concerned about what this means regarding their travel options and the flight experience itself, it also entails a literal makeover for the actual airplanes. And that’s the subject of a cool new promotional video from the airline.

The video shows the entire 11-day process of repainting a Virgin Australia Boeing 737 jet in just a couple minutes. It’s not an automated job, either, employing a team of 18 painters using up 260 liters of paint before it’s finished. But you can’t argue with the results, and it’s nice that we get a cool time-lapse video in the bargain.

You can see what I mean by watching the new promotional video Repainting our Boeing 737 from Virgin Australia for yourself below. And for more information on the airline, just head over to its official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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