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Viki: Enhanced Wikipedia Browsing for iOS (Video)

by Joseph


If you’re on the internet right now (and if you’re not, please get out of my apartment), I don’t have to tell you how important and useful Wikipedia is. But even at the top there’s always room for improvement, especially in the field of mobile browsing, which is what Viki is for.

Viki is an app for browsing Wikipedia on iOS mobile devices, from the Apple Watch up to the iPad Pro. It offers location-based searches for finding Wikipedia articles about nearby places (you might be surprised how many landmarks in your neighborhood are notable enough to have their own Wiki pages), enhanced typography, integrated bookmarks and browsing histories, and more, all in a form that’s specially designed for your iOS device.

The Viki app will set you back a couple of bucks, but if you decide you use Wikipedia enough to pay to enhance the experience you can check it out right here. And you can also get some more info on the app and how it works in the video below:

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