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View-Master Returns in 3D Smartphone App Form (Video)

by Joseph


One of the most iconic toys to go extinct in the age of digital technology is the Mattel View-Master, with its instantly recognizable white discs and the orange plunger that every person over a certain age remembers pushing in order to bring the next scene into view. Now, the holders of the View-Master brand are capitalizing on that nigh universal recognition and fondness with a new version of the toy, that works with Android smartphones running Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard makes a natural fit with a new version of the View-Master, since both pieces of technology involve looking through a pair of goggles at 3D images. Unlike the old reels that powered the previous versions of the toy, the new View-Master app will work with 3D “photospheres” that will allow users to explore all kinds of different interactive settings and locales.

But why tell when I can show? You can see a very cool promotional video on the return of the View-Master below, and for more information you can head over to the official product site here, which lists it as coming out sometime this fall.

Here’s the video:

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