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VIDIUS: World’s Smallest Video Drone

by Joseph


In the tech world, referring to your product as “the world’s smallest” anything is fraught with danger, since as we all know technology is getting smaller and smaller all the time. Nevertheless, Axis Drones is probably on firm ground for the time being when they call VIDIUS the world’s smallest video drone.

There are smaller drones out there, like Axis Drones’ own AERIUS, but none that can record video footage, which is VIDIUS’ specialty. Even at just 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm, the drone can capture live 420p video, still photos, and live-stream to Android and iOS devices.  It even has an automatic “trick mode” for various rolls and flips (and the video effects they provide).

VIDIUS also has a surprisingly small price tag, starting at $75 at the official Axis Drones site right here, where you can order yours now, and get more information on the world’s smallest video drone as well as many other Axis products.

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