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VFO HD Camera Frisbee from Brookstone

by Joseph
VFO HD Camera Frisbee

VFO HD Camera Frisbee

A Frisbee camera would at first blush seem to be a terrible idea – wouldn’t the camera be spinning so fast as to render most of the footage unusable? – but the folks at Brookstone have developed a Frisbee cam with an independent bearing between the camera and the Frisbee, which keeps the camera steady and pointed in one direction as the disc flies through the air. It’s called the VFO HD camera Frisbee.

The “VFO” in VFO HD camera Frisbee stands for Video Flying Object, one of those phrases that is tantalizingly close to being total nonsense, doesn’t quite make it. The attached camera is 720p HD, which captures video stored by a, eight-gig microSD card.

The whole thing has a price tag of just under $60 at Amazon right here, where you can order your own Brookstone VFO HD camera Frisbee right now. Your dog’s Instagram account is about to take a quantum leap into the future.

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