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Vestaboard: WiFi-Connected Mechanical Split-Flap Display

by Joseph


You may or may not be familiar with the term “split-flap,” in case the latter is true I’ll just go ahead and tell you now it isn’t anything dirty. Instead it refers to those old-school mechanical signs you might associate with train stations or airports back in the day. Vestaboard is a mechanical split-flap display that you can edit via WiFi, a very cool blend of old and new technologies for the home.

Vestaboard’s 23×7 grid full of characters have 70 options each, so the only limit of what you can display on it is basically up to your imagination. It’s roughly the same size as a 42-inch TV, and can sync up to a variety of other apps in addition to displaying custom messages – plus, it’s voice-controllable, compatible with both Alexa and Google Home.

Pre-orders on Vestaboard start at $1850, with shipments slated for the end of the year. Place yours, or just read up on everything the product can do, at its official site here.

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