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Vessyl: Smart Drinkware (Video)

by Joseph
Vessyl (Photo from Uncrate)

Vessyl (Photo from Uncrate)

The obsession with turning every visible component of modern life into some kind of smart device has reached a new plateau with Vessyl, a set of drinkware that can sense what you put inside it (and how much), and can analyze your nutritional intake and overall hydration.

Vessyl also syncs up with a variety of activity trackers, charges wirelessly, comes with a spill-proof lid, and can display the nutritional info of pretty much anything you put inside it on a display built into the outside of the Vessyl. If you forget to drink everything out of your weird robot cup, you can also input what you drink manually with the Vessyl smartphone app.

To learn more about Vessyl, you can head to the product’s website here, where you can also pre-order one for just under $100. You can also watch an introductory video about Vessyl below.  My favorite part is the guy who pours a beer into his Vessyl, reads the word “beer” light up on the side, and smiles to himself.

Check it out:

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