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Vertu’s Constellation Black Neon Phone Unveiled

by Joseph

Vertu Constellation Black Neon

Luxury phone brand Vertu has unveiled its latest model phone, the Constellation Black Neon. Handmade by one craftsman with leather, carbon fiber and rubies, the Constellation Black Neon is supposed to be “modern and masculine” and “reminiscent of a luxury sports car.”

However, the luxury of these phones doesn’t really extend to the technology involved, so people looking for a fancy iPhone should probably look elsewhere.  However, the Black Neon does have at least one unique feature – access to a 24-hour expert hotline for things like restaurant reservations and “money-can’t-buy events and experiences.”

If you’re still interested in getting yourself a Constellation Black Neon, or any of Vertu’s other luxury phones, you can check out their website here.

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