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VertiGo: Disney Builds Wall-Climbing Robot

by Joseph


Disney Research Zurich and Swiss science university ETH have come up with a robot that doesn’t sing songs or dance as per Disney robotic tradition, but instead performs the more functionally practical task of climbing up walls. It’s called, appropriately enough, VertiGo, and a new video demonstrating its climbing prowess recently hit the internet.

VertiGo is a true blue wall-climbing robot, and just in case you thought it was one of those contraptions you had to lean up against a wall first for it to work, the people who uploaded the video were sure to include the fact that it includes a demo of “ground-to-wall transition” right in the title.

You can watch that ground-to-wall transition in the video below. As you’ll see, VertiGo might not have as much personality as fictional Disney robots like Wall-E or V.I.N.CENT, but it has a certain charm of its own. And for more from Disney Research Zurich, check it out on YouTube here.

Here’s the video:


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