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Versace Emoji App Now Available for iOS

by Joseph
Versace Emoji

Versace Emoji

Emoji brand engagement has long been the territory of fast food chains and pizza joints, but now even luxury fashion brands like Versace are getting into the pictorial action. The brand recently unveiled the Versace Emoji app, as well as the #VersaceSharesLove capsule collection that emblazons the emojis on a line of t-shirts. And if you’re not convinced, here’s Donatella Versace on the enterprise:

I love how the new Versace Emoji app lets everyone in the world express themselves and share their feelings. To have our own Versace Emoji is a real treat for Valentine’s Day, and I can’t wait to begin creating with it.

Sounds pretty good! And unlike virtually everything else that carries the Versace brand, the Versace Emoji app doesn’t carry a premium price tag — in fact, it’s absolutely free over at the iTunes Store right here. And to shop that #VersaceSharesLove collection, as well as the rest of the Versace stock, check out the brand’s online store here.


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