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Vermont Maple Sriracha Hot Sauce

by Joseph
Vermont Maple Sriracha

Vermont Maple Sriracha

No reader of this site (or conscious member of modern society, for that matter) is unfamiliar with the phenomenon of mixing Sriracha hot sauce with other things for new flavor combinations. But even if you’re suffering from Sriracha cash-in fatigue, your mouth will probably start to water a little at the thought of Vermont Maple Sriracha hot sauce.

The combination of the sweetness of all-natural maple syrup and the spiciness of Sriracha means that Vermont Maple Sriracha can go on pretty much any food you can think of. I mean, think about it – between maple syrup and Sriracha, what foods aren’t compatible with it? OK, so I can think of a couple, but you get the idea.

Vermont Maple Sriracha is currently out of stock on Amazon here, but you can sign up for updates on when you can get a bottle shipped to your house and start improving your food as soon as possible. And you can also get some more information on the sauce, as well as whether it’s available to buy near you, at its official site right here.

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