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Ventura Sparc MGS Watch (Video)

by Joseph

Sparc MGS Digital Watch

Normally in the world of wristwatches you have to choose between the convenience of a digital display, and the features and intricate mechanics of analog. That is no longer the case, thanks to the new Sparc MGS from Ventura. The bright and clear liquid crystal display shows 12 digits and has an LED light for use in the dark. In a modern touch, the watch also has a single-scroll controller for all of its digital features.

The whole thing is powered by a MGS-11 Micro Generator System which you can actually see working inside the watch thanks to its transparent sapphire crystal housing. Like what you see? The MGS can be yours starting at a price of $5,150 on Ventura’s website.

Here is a look at Pierre Nobs, the founder of Ventura, talking about the incredible technological advances behind the Sparc MGS watch.

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