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Venque 3D Slim Wallet: Carry Coins Without the Bulge

by Joseph
Venque 3D Slim Wallet

Venque 3D Slim Wallet

Everything has its price, which is a bit of wisdom that remains true even in the world of premium slim wallets. Normally, if you want to slim down the amount of space a wallet will take up in your pocket, you have to sacrifice a place to keep your change. But the people at Venque have come up with a workaround for this, and they’ve implemented it for the Venque 3D Slim Wallet.

The Venque 3D Slim Wallet, despite having the phrase “3D” right there in the name, was designed with a low profile in mind, but with an innovative raised shell for coin storage that’s locked in place by the owner’s own credit card.

You can see more about the Venque 3D Slim Wallet at Venque’s own official site right here, where you can also place a pre-order now. Farewell to the dreaded “Costanza bulge,” and not having any quarters to buy a soda.

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