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‘Venom’ Teaser Has No Venom (Video)

by Joseph


One thing I’ve been more or less certain of for almost as long as I’ve been alive: Venom sells stuff. T-shirts, hats, posters, cartoons, comic books, video games, movies, and more have all been sold using the distinctive black Spidey mask with big fangs and a giant, dripping tongue. Which is why it’s so weird that the first teaser for the character’s upcoming solo movie doesn’t actually have him in it.

Instead, the teaser for Venom focuses on Ven’s alter-ego Eddie Brock, who appears to be having a rough couple of days, to put it mildly. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that the film’s version of Venom is somehow lacking – maybe, instead, the filmmakers just want to preserve some sense of mystery regarding his appearance. In any case, you can judge for yourself by watching the teaser below:

Venom comes to theaters on October 5th, a good month for a creepy superhero.

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