Home Entertainment ‘Venom’ Official Trailer Finally Arrives (Video)

‘Venom’ Official Trailer Finally Arrives (Video)

by Joseph
Venom official trailer

Venom official trailer

When fans got a look at the first teaser for the upcoming feature film Venom, the especially sharp-eyed ones noticed something rather unusual about it: No Venom. Now, the cries of the public have finally been answered and the first Venom official trailer is here with Venom in tow. Arguably, too much Venom.

Here’s the thing about Venom: He looks really cool on the page. But onscreen, particularly in today’s ultra-serious live action superhero aesthetic, his long tongue and sharp fangs seem just a little bit silly. Also, not to be hypercritical about a trailer, but why does the symbiote side of Venom’s personality sound like Inspector Gadget’s nemesis Dr. Claw? Could there be a Spider-Man/Inspector Gadget crossover in the works at Sony?

Probably not. But you can watch the new Venom official trailer below and form your own opinion about it. The film itself hits theaters on October 5th, and in the meantime you can hit up its official site here.


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