Home Style Veggie Burger Ring from Nadine Ghosn Costs $6,850

Veggie Burger Ring from Nadine Ghosn Costs $6,850

by Joseph
Veggie Burger Ring

Veggie Burger Ring

If you follow fashion designer NIGO on Instagram, you might have seen a recent photo of a distinctive piece of burger-inspired jewelry from Nadine Ghosn. It’s the Veggie Burger Ring, but it’s actually a combination of six different rings that combine to form this delicious-looking piece.

All the rings that make up the Veggie Burger Ring can be worn separately, but only together do their powers combine to create a “gluten free veggie burger” made from rose gold, champagne diamonds, tsavorites, yellow sapphires, and rubies. As you might imagine, this burger costs a pretty penny even by the standards of artisanal veggie burger standards, with a price tag of $6,850 – and that doesn’t even include cheese.

Purchase your own Nadine Ghosn Veggie Burger Ring at the jeweler’s online store right here, where you can also check out what the rings look like on their own, as well as the precise measurements of the ingredients that go into this particular burger.

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