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VCXO “Magic Button” Watch Collection (Video)

by Joseph
VCXO Magic Button OX One

VCXO Magic Button OX One

There’s something inherently pleasurable, especially in today’s digital world, about a watch with an old-fashioned mechanical movement. But the downside to such a watch is that you’re dependent on some other timepiece to set the time, which can also be a difficult process (unless you have really tiny fingers).

The VCXO “Magic Button” collection, which includes the OX One in both black ceramic and stainless steel, sidesteps these issues with the titular button, which activates GPS tech inside the watch and automatically sets or adjusts the time based on your present location.

The GPS means all you have to do on a cross-country trip through different time zones is press the button and automatically set the watch to the current time wherever you are. It’s also a good way to determine if indeed you have crossed over into a different time zone, which might be useful on long road trips. There are also indicators that tell you the date and whether it’s day or night, in case you get really lost.

You can see how the VCXO “Magic Button” OX One works in the video from VCXO below. And for more information, or to order your own for about $9,200 and up, head to the VCXO “Magic Button” collection website here.

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