Home Style Vans x Disney ‘101 Dalmatians’ Teaser Image Hits Internet

Vans x Disney ‘101 Dalmatians’ Teaser Image Hits Internet

by Joseph
Vans x Disney '101 Dalmatians' Teaser

Vans x Disney '101 Dalmatians' Teaser

It might not be common knowledge nowadays, but Disney and Vans actually have something of a history together that goes beyond recent collaborative collections – starting in the 1980s, there were several different lines of exclusive Vans sneakers to be had at Disneyland, for example. Now, the two brands are looking back at their illustrious history with a new collection, and a Vans x Disney teaser drawing from the latter’s classic film 101 Dalmatians has been released online.

The Vans x Disney teaser, which you can see above, was grabbed by online outlets like this one, and it shows one of those adorable dalmatians chewing on a slipper, an obvious allusion to Vans’ footwear specialty. Hopefully, someone over at Disney and/or Vans is aware of the irony in a 101 Dalmatians apparel line, given the career goals of that movie’s villain Cruella DeVille.

In any case, stay tuned to your local Vans retailer next month, when the Vans x Disney 101 Dalmatians collection is set to drop.

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