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Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead”

by Joseph
Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow “Steelhead”
Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow “Steelhead”Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow “Steelhead”Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow “Steelhead”Vans OTW 2014 Summer Prelow “Steelhead”

Another Vans OTW Prelow colorway has hit the streets, and it’s a homage to that perennial popular summer leisure activity—fishing. It’s called the Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead,” named for a kind of rainbow trout that is a well-known game fish.

Fishing might not be as cool as skateboarding, but the Vans OTW Prelow “Steelhead” still manages to squeeze some style points from it, with a sleek grey upper subtly printed with the shapes of different kinds of fishing lures. Like all the other summer 2014 Vans OTW Prelow releases, this one sits on top of a Ultracrush HD sole (this one in off-white), which means your feet will be in comfort as you walk from your car to the dock and then from the dock back to your car.

You can see a few photos of the “Steelhead” Vans OTW Prelow in the gallery up top. And a pair of the sneakers can be had from the Vans online store here for $90.

(via Hypebeast)

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