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Vans DQM General T-Shirt Collection

by Joseph

VANS DQM General T-Shirt CollectionNew York City retailer Vans DQM General Store has just unveiled three new t-shirt designs. As you can see from the photos above and below, the t-shirts feature simple designs, without a lot of flash or attention-grabbing colors and patterns. Translation: These are t-shirts you could actually wear in normal, everyday situations.

The catch is you have to go to the Vans DQM in New York to get a shirt, or check out their online store. Each design is available in three colors, so you have plenty of choices to pick from. And they go for $28 each, so you could afford one or two, probably.

VANS DQM General T-Shirt CollectionVANS DQM General T-Shirt Collection

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