Home Style Vans Classic Slip-On “Metallic” Pack for Spring 2015

Vans Classic Slip-On “Metallic” Pack for Spring 2015

by Joseph
Vans Classic Slip-On "Metallic" Pack

Vans Classic Slip-On "Metallic" Pack

New from Vans, it’s a metallic spin on the Vans Classic Slip-On for the spring of this year. The Vans Classic Slip-On “Metallic” pack combines the perennially popular silhouette with shiny metallic uppers redolent of aluminum foil, in both gold and silver colorways.

The titular, shimmery uppers of the Vans Classic Slip-On “Metallic” collection rest, in typical Vans fashion, on clean white soles that offer additional visual pop to the shoes. And if you think you can pull off the ostentatious metallic look, it’s hard to go wrong with shoes in the comfort or durability departments when you go with Vans.

You can get an idea of what the spring 2015 Vans Classic Slip-On “Metallic” pack looks like by checking out the photo up at the top of the page. If you like what you see, head over to the select Vans retailer closest to you, or to the Vans online store here, where the shoes are available right now.

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