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VANS California Fall 2012 Collection

by Joseph

Vans california collection 2012

VANS recently unveiled the 2012 Fall apparel line under their California brand, and it definitely hearkens back to when VANS was all about California and west coast styles.

The collection is marked by the minimal branding on each piece, which leads to a clean and classy look for the line. That line, while small right now, is expected to grow over time. For now, it includes things like the Carlsbad Jacket (top-left in above image, $118), the Carpinteria Crew Neck Fleece (top-right, $68), the Butano Woven Pullover (bottom-left, $68), and even the Adelanto Backpack (bottom-right, $120), which is made from 12 ounces of canvas material.

The collection is currently available online at Vans’ website, and it should be available at select retailers in the very near future.

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