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Van Styles’ #NotBadForAPhotoShow Exhibition (Video)

by Joseph
Van Styles x The Hundreds #NotBadForAPhotoShow

Van Styles x The Hundreds #NotBadForAPhotoShow

Van Styles is back with a new installment of his “blogumentary experience,” called V/SUAL, in addition to a new photography exhibit. Unlike a lot of his work, the photographer’s latest project, as chronicled by the video, is not about photos of hot models (although, there is some of that).

It’s called #NotBadForAPhotoShow, and it features some of Van Styles‘ photography that he has never released to the public before. They include shots of landscapes, street photography, and more.

You can see Styles talk about the new endeavor—a collaboration with The Hundreds—in the video below. And if you want to check out #NotBadForAPhotoShow yourself, you have to be in LA between May 2nd and May 12th, when the exhibit will go live.

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