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Van Gogh’s Bedroom Now on Airbnb (Photos)

by Joseph
Van Gogh's Bedroom

Vincent van Gogh is not one of the artists I would associate most strongly with a good night’s sleep. But he did paint one of the most iconic bedrooms in history — the one seen in his three versions of The Bedroom. And now, an artist has put a replica of Van Gogh’s Bedroom up on Airbnb.

Presumably a promotional gimmick for a new exhibition of all three versions of The Bedroom at the Art Institute in Chicago, the Airbnb listing for van Gogh’s Bedroom was posted by a certain struggling artist by the name of “Vincent” who’s charging ten bucks to stay in his room so he can afford to buy paint.

If you need a place to stay when you’re in Chicago to check out the exhibit, or if you just like sleeping in bedrooms made to look like bedrooms in paintings, you can take a look at van Gogh’s Bedroom on Airbnb here. Or you can see some photos of the project in the gallery below.

Van Gogh's BedroomVan Gogh's BedroomVan Gogh's BedroomVan Gogh's Bedroom

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