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‘Vacation’: Comedy Sequel Gets Red-Band Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


As a longtime fan of National Lampoon’s Vacation, I was extremely skeptical when I heard they were doing a reboot/sequel starring Ed Helms as a grownup Rusty Griswold. But now that I’ve seen the new red-band trailer for the brand new Vacation, I would describe my attitude as “cautiously optimistic.”

The new Vacation seems to have upped the ante on the original movie’s risque humor, with even more bodily fluids, rimjobs, and used, dirty syringes being mistaken for darts. But even more importantly than that is the trailer’s insistence that this “vacation will stand on its own,” even for people who’ve never heard of the first one.

You can see the mildly NSFW red-band trailer for Vacation below. The movie is set to hit theaters in the middle of family outing season – July 31st.  But until then you can check out the movie’s official Warner Brothers site right here.

Here’s the trailer:

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