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Uvolt Watch: The Watch That Charges Your Phone

by Joseph
Uvolt Watch

Uvolt Watch

Watches are expected to do almost as much as phones are these days, so it makes sense to have a watch that can chip in and keep your phone working smoothly. Enter the Uvolt Watch, a minimalist analog watch with a removable 600 mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone in those desperate sub-20% battery hours.

Not only that, the Uvolt Watch also has a built-in solar panel for even more energy at your fingertips (or wrist, I guess). Additional batteries are found in the wristband, my man, so the only downside I can see is that if you get one you’ll no longer be able to use “my phone died” as an excuse for getting out of undesirable social situations.

Check out the Uvolt Watch on Kickstarter here, where pre-orders on the watch start at just under $120 and go up from there—shipments set to begin in December.


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