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Uuni 2: Portable Pizza Oven Wood-Fires Pizza in “118 Seconds” (Video)

by Joseph
Uuni 2

Uuni 2

In the world of pizza, it’s generally accepted that you have to sacrifice quality for convenience, and vice-versa. But there’s a portable wood-firing pizza oven that’s portable as well as fast – and it’s called the Uuni 2, purportedly able to cook a whole pizza in just “118 seconds.”

The Uuni 2 cooks pizza with wood pellets that are loaded into the back of the oven. It’s portable, which means it’s perfect for any outdoor setting around which fresh, hot pizza would be appreciated – and good luck finding a place where it wouldn’t. The oven’s makers also emphasize its speed in a demonstration video backing up that audacious “118 seconds” claim.

You can watch that video below, but I should warn you that you’re going to start craving pizza immediately, and Pizza Hut probably isn’t going to satisfy your cravings. For more information on the Uuni 2, priced at $299, take a look at the official Uuni site right here.

Here’s the demonstration:

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