Home Tech & Gear UTEC Billboard Generates Water From The Air (Video)

UTEC Billboard Generates Water From The Air (Video)

by Joseph
UTEC Water Billboard

UTEC Water Billboard

Over seven million people live around the Atacama Desert in Lima, Peru, and more than a million have limited or no access to clean drinking or bathing water. So when the University of Engineering and Technology decided to unveil a billboard that can generate water out of thin air, it wasn’t just a novelty. ┬áIt was a very real life saver.

The billboard was erected last December as a way to boost UTEC’s sagging attendance numbers. It works through five condensers inside the billboard, which collect and extract moisture from the region’s as-high-as 90 percent humidity and converts it into clean water. This water can then be reached through spigots located directly underneath the billboard.

You can get a clearer picture of how the UTEC water-generating billboard works by watching the video below. It might make you feel a little better about the Earth’s future.

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