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US Pizza Museum Opening in Chicago

by Joseph
US Pizza Museum

US Pizza Museum

If you love pizza, generally the best way to express that love is to eat some pizza. But maybe you feel like digging into a pie in a more cultural sense, in which case the upcoming US Pizza Museum is likely a must-visit destination for you (after you check out the Pizza Hut Museum, of course).

The US Pizza Museum has existed as a website and various pop-up exhibitions since 2015, but next month it will come to its new permanent home at Chicago’s Roosevelt Collection, a mixed use development in the city’s South Loop neighborhood. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article on the museum, this is what visitors will have to look forward to:

“The museum’s holdings include pizza art, pizza-themed clothing, pizzeria menus, pizza ads, toys, pizza-themed magnets, pizza books and even pizza records, such as ‘Let’s Have a Pizza Party’ by The Gaylords.”

Admission to the US Pizza Museum will be free, but reservations through the museum’s website here are required.

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