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Urinary 2.0: The Next Phase of Urination Technology

by Joseph
Urinary 2.0

Urinary 2.0

Imagine, if you will, a urinal that isn’t just a urinal, but instead a completely hands-free receptacle and automatic cleanser that will completely change the way you urinate. Now stop imagining because there’s the Urinary 2.0, a “smart urinal” recently unveiled by a Spanish technological development team and now in its prototype phase.

I’m going to try to put this as delicately as possible—the name of our site is “Refined Guy,” after all—but the Urinary 2.0 boasts a six-second bidet cycle that will give you a level of pampered cleanliness only experienced previously by Zamundan royalty. However, the inventors of the urinal are in talks to sell the patent to another firm for almost eight hundred grand, so don’t expect to see it in rest stops or fast food places any time soon.

You can read up on the Urinary 2.0 project (in much more uncouth detail than I decided to use) right here. And yes, there is reportedly a ladies’ equivalent version in the works.

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