Home Entertainment ‘untitled unmastered’: Surprise Kendrick Lamar Album Now Streaming

‘untitled unmastered’: Surprise Kendrick Lamar Album Now Streaming

by Joseph
untitled unmastered

untitled unmastered

Last night, the world was treated to that increasingly commonplace special treat: A surprise album release from a major artist. This time it’s Kendrick Lamar, and the record is called untitled unmastered, and that’s not a misnomer.

The purposefully unpolished sound of untitled unmastered is a far cry from the dense, layered production of To Pimp a Butterfly, but Kendrick is still in top form and the (also untitled) songs have an infectious power in this form — two of the songs are even taken from Lamar’s recent late-night TV appearances, which further demonstrates how far we are from the conventional studio sound for this record. Also unlike Butterfly, this is a pretty short album (some are even calling it an EP), at just 34 minutes long.

You can listen to Kendrick Lamar’s new untitled unmastered on Spotify right now, even if you’re not a Spotify Premium subscriber.

Not a bad way to kick off the weekend.

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