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Unsubscriber: App Makes Hay Out of Unwanted Subscriptions

by Joseph


It’s a problem that’s probably been around almost as long as the internet itself: Inboxes clogged with unwanted newsletters, “special offers,” and other assorted bits of detritus. With spam filters being as advanced as they are now, you could probably free yourself of all this junk mail if you just took the time to sit down and unsubscribe to all the pertinent lists, but who has the time for that? Almost no one, except users of the new app Unsubscriber, which simplifies and expedites the process, as well as making it kind of fun.

Basically, Unsubscriber (which is currently only available for Gmail) works like this: Users sync up the app with one or more Gmail accounts. Once that’s done, they get a handy list of all their currently active Gmail subscriptions, and the ones they want to get rid of they just swipe right and it’s gone, or swipe left and it remains to fight another day.

Unsubscriber is a cool way to deal with the problem of Gmail inbox clutter, and is currently available as an app from the iTunes Store here, where it doesn’t cost anything except the time required to use it.

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