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‘Unsane’: A New Thriller by Steven Soderbergh (Trailer)

by Joseph


Steven Soderbergh appears to be back in his formerly prolific swing of things. HBO’s Mosaic saw its five-night run last week, and now we have a trailer for an upcoming psychological thriller from the director, a tense film about a stalker-pursued woman entitled Unsane. 

Unsane appears to tap into modern day concerns about predatory men, taking them to a new level as Claire Foy plays a woman who is possibly driven insane (or … unsane) by a guy who refuses to leave her alone and who she sees around every corner even in a new city. It’s, uh, tense:

Other than that, all we have about the substance of the movie is the short but sweet tagline:

“Is she… or isn’t she?”

Unsane, which happens to share a title with the American cut of Dario Argento’s Tenebrae, comes out on March 23rd. In the meantime, get more at the movie’s official site right here.


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