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Unlimited McDonald’s Fries Being Tested in Missouri

by Joseph
Unlimited McDonald's Fries

Unlimited McDonald's Fries

It wasn’t too long ago that I opined about how North American fast food fans had gotten sick of super-size portions in restaurants like McDonald’s, but it would appear that I may have underestimated their/our appetite for fast food. That’s because at one Missouri location, the concept of unlimited McDonald’s fries will soon be tested on consumers.

At the St. Joseph McDonald’s in Missouri, unlimited McDonald’s fries will be available to customers once the restaurant completes renovations in July. The fries will reportedly be delivered right to your table, which means you won’t even have to undergo the shame of walking to the counter to ask for more.

There’s no word in the Fortune article on the plan about the idea being rolled out to more McDonald’s locations, so to get your fix of unlimited McDonald’s fries in the near future it looks like you might have to do a little traveling (unless you’re lucky or unlucky enough to live in the St. Joseph, Missouri area).


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