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Uniqlo Vending Machines Coming to America

by Joseph
Uniqlo Vending Machines

Uniqlo Vending Machines

Japanese retailer Uniqlo is seeing a slump in sales in the United States. For a shot of adrenaline in their sagging sales figures, the company is reportedly looking to an unusual business concept for an apparel retailer: Vending machines. And if you live in one of the cities selected to act as a testing ground, you might be seeing Uniqlo vending machines in your town as soon as this month.

Uniqlo vending machines will be found in shopping malls and airports in several cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. Like any other vending machine, they’ll be operational 24 hours a day, and will allow users to purchase Uniqlo products at the touch of a button or two. If they take off, Uniqlo is planning to expand the machines into  many more territories and locations.

Read more about Uniqlo vending machines at The Wall Street Journal right here. And maybe one day you’ll actually have a chance to buy some clothes with one.

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