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Uniqlo Fall 2012 Collection Style Book Unveiled

by Joseph

uniqlo fall 2012

Fashion label Uniqlo have released a style book documenting their main fall line for 2012. As with previous lines from the Japanese retailer, the emphasis is on relatively low-cost, but stylish, pieces with a back-to-basics vibe.

It’s not the flashiest collection of clothes in the world, but most people appreciate a little bit of subtlety now and then. Besides, Uniqlo for the most part is trying to design clothes you can wear every day, and not just on special occasions.  Among their Fall 2012 pieces are lightweight jackets, knit v-neck vests, oxford shirts, and a variety of denim and chino pants, among many other items.

You can check out the Uniqlo Fall 2012 Style Book here, or you can check out their store locations here.

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