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Underhill Solid Cologne From Misc. Goods Company

by Joseph
Underhill Solid Cologne

Underhill Solid Cologne

Cologne: Generally a liquid. But the folks at Misc. Goods Company have taken that conventional wisdom and shoved it right into the trashcan along with yesterday’s and this morning’s garbage with Underhill Solid Cologne, a cologne with a consistency more akin to deodorant or any other soft solids you may care to name.

The consistency of Underhill Solid Cologne is not its chief appeal, though. That would be its scent, made with “herbs, leather, pipe tobacco, wood, open air and ale.” Clearly, this is a masculine, woodsy fragrance for the modern man, with the additional side benefit of being easier to apply than a traditional liquid cologne.

That may be why a .22-ounce container of Underhill Solid Cologne will set you back almost 60 bucks at the Cool Material online store right here. But as most experts would tell you, if you’re inclined to go cheap with regards to cologne, you may as well not buy any at all.

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