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UNDERCOVER GILAPPLE Clock: Keep the Doctor Away

by Joseph


Say what you will about apples, and God knows every one else has, but you have to admit there’s a reason that luminaries like The Beatles and Steve Jobs chose it as an icon: They have a basic, almost primal visual appeal. It’s that appeal that adds to the UNDERCOVER GILAPPLE, a clock housed in a case that looks like that classic fruit we all know and love.

The UNDERCOVER GILAPPLE clock is the second product in the GILAPPLE line, the first being a desktop light previously available from UNDERCOVER. The new hotness is bigger than GILAPPLE #1, in addition to its functionality as a timepiece (that looks like an apple!).

First teased on Instagram this summer, the UNDERCOVER GILAPPLE is reportedly set to hit select retailers sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of apples at your local produce section.

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