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Under-the-Jack Pack From Betabrand

by Joseph
Under-the-Jack Pack

Under-the-Jack Pack

Backpacks are the preferred way for millions of arrested adolescents to carry their laptops and books around town, but there are times when even the least mature adult realizes it might be better to go backpack incognito. For them, there’s Betabrand’s new Under-the-Jack Pack.

In addition to having an extremely catchy name, the Under-the-Jack Pack earns it by fitting smoothly under a jacket, safe and out of sight from potential thieves and/or fashion police officers. It’s specifically designed to hold 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pros and a couple stray accessories, but other devices can obviously find a home in there as well. Just don’t start going around calling your jacket a “jack,” and it could improve your life considerably.

You can check out the Under-the-Jack Pack at Betabrand’s online store here. Pre-orders are being accepted now at a little over $61, with shipping expected to begin next month. And that’s a fact, Jack.

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