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Unclip Quick Release Carabiner Keychain From Unsettle & Co

by Joseph


The carabiner keychain is becoming a more and more popular mode of hauling around one’s personal keys¬†for a variety of reasons. If you’re still on the fence about making this switch, though, the Unclip from Unsettle & Co might be the killer app that gets you to stop using your traditional key ring once and for all.

That’s because the Unclip is loaded with EDC essentials like a bottle opener and pocket knife, making it an extremely useful device to have on hand for a variety of situations. Then there’s the carabiner mechanism itself, which was designed with an eye towards quick and efficient release for anytime access.

Pre-orders for the Unclip start at $18 at the product’s Kickstarter page right here, where it’s got another week to raise a little over seven grand. If you’re hoping to improve your key-carrying game in the near future, you may want to make a contribution.


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