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‘UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries’ Teaser (Video)

by Joseph


Before his death last month, David Bowie was a perpetual innovator, changing and creating art forms the way most of us make sandwiches. Now, it has been revealed that months before he died he approved an “InstaMiniSeries” (short for “Instagram miniseries”) inspired by his album Blackstar. It’s called UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries.

What exactly an InstaMiniSeries is remains to be seen, but according to the short teaser released on Instagram, we’ll all find out together on February 25th, when the first episode of UNBOUND hits Instagram accounts everywhere. We do know that Patricia Clarkson is among the personnel involved, and it doesn’t appear to be some fly-by-night cash-in operation. Here’s the teaser and accompanying Instagram post:


To see UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries, head over to the InstaMiniSeries Instagram account (here) this Thursday, with new episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, until the whole 16-episode series is finished. Somewhere, David Bowie smiles at the thought of a bunch of baby boomers begrudgingly signing up for Instagram accounts.

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