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uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

by Joseph

A traditional beer growler is kind of like a new car – once you drive it off the lot (or open it, to put things literally), it immediately starts depreciating in value. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer, now that the uKeg from GrowlerWerks has entered all of our lives.

The uKeg is a pressurized beer growler with a CO2-powered regulator that can maintain freshness and the user’s desired carbonation level. The uKeg also keeps beer cold, and between that, the freshness, and the carbonation, I’m not sure what else you need to maintain in beer – the only thing it can’t keep up is sentimental value.

The uKeg pressurized beer growler is in the fundraising stage of the development process, and as of this writing it’s within $10,000 of its fundraising goal with more than 50 days to go, so check out the uKeg Kickstarter page here to get in on the ground floor, and score your own starting at $99. Beer not included.

Here are a few photos of the uKeg, enjoy:


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