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‘uh huh honey’: Kanye West’s Tweets, in Illustrated Book Form

by Joseph
uh huh honey

uh huh honey

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Kanye West is back on Twitter. Most of the attention he’s getting is based on his puzzling embrace of various niche right-wing cultural figures (a group that extends all the way up to President Donald Trump), but tucked away among the Scott Adams videos was a tweet about writing a book. Red Gaskell took that as an inspiration, creating an actual book with illustrations based on Kanye’s tweets (not the ones about Trump, thankfully). It’s called uh huh honey.

Surprisingly, uh huh honey is an actual physical book, despite its near-overnight production, rather than one of those fly-by-night novelty ebooks. Of course, it’s only 42 pages long, but what do you expect from a book based on tweets? Here’s the deal, straight from the editor/illustrator:

“Kanye has waxed poetic about life, creativity, and more on twitter recently and what better way to immortalize his tweets than by turning them into a book paired with illustrations. It was an easy parody of Milk and Honey given the short nature of tweets and my simple yet refined illustration style.”

Get a copy of uh huh honey on Amazon right here, where it’s priced at just under ten bucks.

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