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Uberair: Flight Sharing in the Near Future (Video)

by Joseph


We all live surrounded by an invisible circle between 50 to a hundred miles across, known as a “dead zone.” It’s that area that’s too close to get to by plane, but too far to comfortably get by other modes of transit. It’s eliminating these dead zones that is the eventual goal of Uberair, a new “flight sharing” service coming from Uber in the near future.

Uberair will let passengers catch a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) from place to place almost as easily as they can now catch a ride with apps like Uber and Lyft. And on the off chance something like that might be tough to imagine, there’s a handy demonstration video to show you what the future might look like:

The plan is for Uberair to be available in Dallas, Los Angeles, and a to-be-determined city outside the US by 2023, but initial flights will begin a lot sooner than that. Get more info from Uber here.



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