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Uber x ‘Mad Max’: You Can Get a ‘Mad Max’ Style Ride in Seattle

by Joseph
Uber x Mad Max

Uber x Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road does not rank high among the movies I’d like to visit in person, but nevertheless the idea of a quick jaunt on board a Warboy rig does have a certain amount of appeal. And if I were in Seattle this weekend and today, I’d be able to take just such a jaunt, courtesy of a promotional collaboration from Uber x Mad Max.

The Uber x Mad Max project is engineered to promote the upcoming Mad Max video game, hitting store shelves tomorrow, September 1st. It works like this: if you’re in the downtown Seattle area, your Uber app has had a “Mad Max” option over the weekend and will continue to have one until this evening, to coincide with the PAX convention in the city. Select it, and if a Warboy is free he’ll pick you up in a rig and drop you anywhere for free (money is useless in the Wasteland) – provided your destination is also in the Seattle downtown area.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in Seattle to experience Uber x Mad Max for yourself, you can at least read a little bit about the collaboration at the official Uber site right here.

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