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TYPO iPhone Keyboard Case by Colette

by Joseph
TYPO iPhone Case

TYPO iPhone Case

One casualty of the recent advancement of smartphones is that the old physical keyboards are long gone. But everything old is new again, and European retailer Colette is now offering an iPhone case that can give you that old familiar keyboard feeling once again. It’s called TYPO.

The TYPO iPhone case comes with a small-scale QWERTY keyboard that will have you experiencing sensory flashbacks to a simpler, more elegant time in the history of smartphones. It’s backlit, compatible with Bluetooth 3.0, and charges via USB (you can charge the iPhone itself simultaneously as well).

Colette is a French retailer, but they ship all over the world, and you can check out their online store right here.  The TYPO iPhone case with small QWERTY keyboard goes for a little bit less than $200 in American dollars, which is a small price to pay for a ticket out of the hellish touchscreen prison of 2014.

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